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Wednesday Bible Study

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Pastor’s Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday at 1pm in the Education Wing 

The Gospel According to Mark  (ΚΑΤΑ ΜΑΡΚΟΝ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ)

All are welcome to study the Gospel According to Mark.  Discover the reign of God has come in Jesus Christ, but in hiddenness, in humility and lowliness.  Jesus came to serve and give His life as a ransom for many (10:45).  Jesus promised a triumphant revelation of Himself after the cross (14:28), but within Mark (ending at 16:8) the disciples do not yet see the glorious, risen Christ.  They only have His Word (16:6–7).

We Christians do not see Him and the kingdom fully implemented and manifested now.  How difficult it is to be faithful on the basis of the Word alone—the disciples are testimony to that fact!  If you had been there, it would not have been any easier for you than it is today.  The evidence you have is what the disciples and the women had, also on that Easter morning: the promise of His Word, a Word that is ever sure.

Come discover the richness of the Gospel According to Mark every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm in the Education Wing.  See you there friends.

Feel free to drop in now for good discussion and a deeper look into the Word.