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Good Shepherd Carfour Duclos was started by pastor Israel Izidor as part of his mission planting for the Lutheran Church in Haiti.  We serve as a ministry partner offering financial, prayer, and mission support.

The Orphanage was first opened in 2001 and is named after its founder, Pastor Israel Izidor. It is located on the southwest coast of Haiti, in a city called Les Cayes.  As a ministry partner, many members from Good Shepherd have traveled to Haiti to physically help with building at the orphanage, and many more have supported here at home with prayers and finances.  Watch for future opportunities to serve this wonderful mission.


Started by a local couple, this mission has been supported by individuals from the church over the years.  Good Shepherd has also helped when needed with financial support.  They are always in our prayers.


Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Pontiac

Please help us fill St. Paul’s food pantry.  They are in need of shelf stable foods, especially protein like canned tuna and meats, packaged meals, mild, baby formula, cereal and grain, and beans.  Personal care items are also needed.  There is a box in the Narthex of the church for donations.

Contact the church for more information.